What we do

Creating value from greenfield development to operational excellence


Wattcrop works with a network of authorised exclusive site finders across Greece to identify land suitable for solar PV and onshore wind projects. We work with our expert land development teams consisting of topographers, environmental engineers and legal advisors to scope areas with grid capacity and to secure the land with a long term lease following a successful due diligence of all key factors: Grid availability, environmental conditions, archaeology, land grading and point of connection

  • Grid Identification and scoping
  • Suitable land identification
  • Environmental Scoping
  • Archaeological Scoping
  • Topographical reports
  • Legal Checks to land Registry
  • Lease agreement


During the project development phase Wattcrop undertakes the responsibility to complete all necessary reports and submit the necessary documentation to the authorities in order to acquire the project licensing. Furthermore, we design the full set of layouts and electrical schematics necessary for the grid connection. During the auction phase, Wattcrop develops a bidding strategy based on a number of pricing assumptions and factors.

  • Feasibility studies and project scoping
  • Permits and approvals by local authorities
  • Site layouts and electrical designs
  • Negotiations with the Grid Operators
  • Auction Bidding Strategy

Construction Management

Construction is the most critical phase of the project lifecycle. Poor construction management can have a longterm impact on site performance and valuation. Our experienced team of construction managers can optimise the construction phase starting at detailed designing, procurement, on-site management and site energisation.

  • Designing Services
  • Procurement Check and controls
  • Management of EPCs
  • Coordination of sub-contractors
  • Management of operations on site
  • Energisation Coordination and Management

Asset Management and O&M

Renewable energy sites remain operational for 30-40 years. As every other energy plant, they demand 24/7 monitoring, control and constant maintenance. Wattcrop provides Asset Management services, both technical and commercial, to newly connected and older operation sites reducing operational risk and ensure compliance. On top of the asset management services, we provide ancillary services to solar PV plants. More specifically our team has the experience and the tools to perform Inspections (IR/EL), Land Management and cleaning based on the needs of each individual asset. We can offer our services across the Greece the Balkan region.

  • Remote monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Asset and site management services (Technical and Commercial)
  • Ancillary O&M services (Inspections, Land Management, Panel Cleaning)