Conference: Renewable & Storage Forum  | 2-3 NOV 23 | ATHENS

At the Renewable & Storage Forum held in Athens on 2 and 3 November by energypress, Mr. Ypatios Moysiadis, Wattcrop’s Managing Partner, participated in a fascinating panel discussion. Alongside other experts in the energy industry, they analyzed key issues in the sector. The panel focused on the challenges and prospects in the photovoltaic sector in Greece. During the discussion, Mr. Moysiadis presented Wattcrop’s vision for Greece by 2050 and our proposals to achieve the country’s energy and climate goals.


Wattcrop’s Roadmap to 2050 presents the company’s proposals to achieve the energy targets and the decarbonization of Greece from fossil fuels and carbon dioxide within the next few years.

The driving force for achieving these targets is the measures to be taken by the state.

  • modernization of the grid for greater, easier, and faster penetration of RES in the Greek market.
  • simplification and stabilization of the licensing procedure
  • compliance with the statutory timetables
  • abolition of financing for RES projects
  • facilitation of investments in energy storage
  • establishment of a framework to support PPAs
  • financial incentives for the purchase of EVs
  • incentives and subsidies for the energy renovation of buildings
  • incentives for the introduction of green hydrogen