We are pleased to announce that Wattcrop participates in this year’s Green Brand Awards, which are being organized for the third consecutive year in Greece. As stated by the organizers, the aim of the event is to highlight and reward excellence in products, services and development processes that promote the Green economy and eco-living.

As a company born with a vision to actively contribute to the energy transition and environmental protection, using zero-carbon technologies and good practices that aim to protect and enhance the biodiversity of ecosystems, supporting local communities with offsetting benefits, we are particularly happy to take part in this great event in the “start-up” category, as we feel that our company’s values and ideals coincide perfectly with the values it promotes. Wattcrop as a successful Greek startup based in Ptolemaida actively supports decentralization, adopts strict ESG and environmental protection criteria, adopts digitalization and develops new tools. More importantly, it has managed to co-create good practices in the sector and raise critical issues for discussion, radically changing the current methods of developing RES projects in Greece. Aided by our strong online and physical presence, as well as the prestige of our partners, we aspire to be an example to be emulated, not only by companies in the field but also by other startups that envision to make our world a better place.

Events like this one, which showcase sustainability, resilience and environmental protection, are the best way to raise awareness among a large part of the population and get businesses to adopt sustainable practices and technologies, reducing their carbon footprint on the environment and ensuring efficient use of energy.