Wattcrop is a sponsor of this season

Wattcrop and its Managing Partner Mr. Ypatios Moysiadis prove once again that they are close to the local community, by making an important sponsorship to the football team of Eordaikos in Ptolemaida (https://www.eordaikos.gr/) for this season, thus supporting the efforts of the team for the realization of its racing goals.

The sponsorship is part of Wattcrop’s ongoing commitment to support the development of the local communities in which it operates, particularly Ptolemaida, where it was born and has its headquarters. This move means more than just financial support – it represents a shared commitment to community development, sustainability, and the pursuit of excellence. This partnership is an example of how companies like Wattcrop can contribute to the prosperity and vibrancy of the communities in which they operate.

About us

Wattcrop, a multinational interest company, was established in 2019 to develop best-in-class renewable energy and energy storage projects primarily in Southeast Europe and the UK. Our commitment is to develop renewable energy and energy storage projects with respect for the environment and in close collaboration with local communities.



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