On Wednesday 16 February, the European Parliament passed a detailed report highlighting the need to accelerate the development of offshore wind projects. As highlighted, sustainably built offshore wind farms can be of particular benefit to biodiversity, and renewables need to be developed at a faster pace if we want to achieve carbon emission reductions.

As mentioned, for many Member States, the transition to renewable energy is not an easy process. Existing infrastructure cannot lead to a rapid energy transition if it is not improved immediately. A key factor in this weakness of the Member States is the existing permitting process, which needs immediate improvement and acceleration. MEPs stress that Member States should establish transparent procedures as well as deadlines for issuing permits where necessary.

MEP Morten Petersen said, “Today’s vote shows that we all understand the urgency of the issue and that we are putting offshore renewables at the heart of the fight against climate change. We need to establish deadlines and remove the many remaining obstacles to the rapid and successful integration of renewable energy in Europe.

According to the European Commission, the EU’s offshore wind generation targets are at least 60 GW by 2030 and 340 GW by 2050. However, achieving this target will be almost impossible unless fossil fuel subsidies are phased out. The committee’s report was adopted with 518 votes in favor and 88 votes against.

Sourse: The European Parliament