Wattcrop’s donation to Mikro Souli in Serres: 

The Wattcrop team, true to its values and ideals, recently visited the community of Mikro Souli where the company is developing part of its portfolio projects. Discussing with local stakeholders, we were informed about the lack of lighting at bus stops in the area, a serious problem that was making life difficult for the residents and especially for children when returning from school during the winter. So we decided to take action by donating Photovoltaic Panels with an integrated projector, suitable for lighting the bus stops. 

Wattcrop was incorporated in 2019 aiming to develop best-in-class renewable energy and energy storage projects mainly in South-East Europe and the UK. Our commitment is to develop renewable energy and energy storage projects with respect to the environment and in strong cooperation with the local communities. 

What could be the benefits for local communities? 

During construction: 

  • The large-scale projects that our company develops create multiple local jobs during the construction phase of the projects. 
  • In many cases, where necessary, the company carries out road works. This facilitates both its projects’ operations and the residents’ needs. 
  • During the construction phase of the projects, there is an extensive need for catering and accommodation, as well as an increased demand for materials. 

During operation: 

  • During the operation of our projects, we are willing to cooperate with the farmers and beekeepers of the region by allowing sheep grazing and beekeeping in our parks. 
  • We protect and enhance the biodiversity of the area by following good practices and avoiding the use of chemicals that can harm flora and fauna. 
  • We stand by the local community and the initiatives it undertakes. 

We are committed to actively helping as much as we can to address key issues in the areas where we operate. For us, it is not only important to successfully develop our projects but also to help local communities thrive, so that our cooperation is harmonious and based on mutual respect and trust!